Yael Eckstein, Charismatic New President of the International Fellowship of Christians & Jews

Yael Eckstein popularly known as Rabbi Eckstein is the daughter of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the founder and former President of International Fellowship of Christian and Jews (IFCJ) that is based in Chicago. Post his death, Yael Eckstein inherited her father’s million dollar charity that raises approximately $130 million every year for Jews. IFCJ was found with the main focus to increase dialogues and mend the gap between Christians and Jews.

Yael EcksteinThe Befitting Heiress

Yael Eckstein was considered to be best next President for the IFCJ by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein mainly due to her leadership qualities and intelligence. Thus he had already mentored her for 3 years and shown her the ropes of running the charity before he passed away. During this phase, he also had passed on most of his responsibilities to his daughter. The board of directors of IFCJ also selected her unanimously for the role and she took on the responsibility with utmost confidence.

Benefitting the Jews through Fundraising

Post the collapse of the Soviet Union when the Jews started leaving for Israel, the Christian leaders from other major countries including the United States showed their interest in contributing for helping Jews settle in Israel. It was at this time that Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein started an office in Jerusalem and with the help of his fundraising efforts, aided thousands of Jews move to Israel. Post their resettlement, the charity has been helping underprivileged Israelis with help from other Jewish philanthropists.

The Change in Leadership

Though Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein had a charismatic and strong personality and he liked to remain in limelight and gain Yael Ecksteinmore publicity, Yael Eckstein is more understated and likes to work without making much noise. She is a native Israeli and has served in several positions in her father’s organization. She also has a family with a young daughter but Yael Eckstein likes to interact with the donors and has always been a part of the organizations efforts to raise more funds.

Yael Eckstein has been following in her father’s footsteps and has helped many Jewish families settle in Israel while giving them hope for their bright and safe future. Her leadership is considered to be comforting which motivates many Jewish families to approach her charity and her friendly relations with her donors has ensured very promising contributions keep pouring in for her organization.


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