Wings of Eagles and Stand for Israel Program Speaks In Volumes about the Success of IFCJ

IFCJ has helped millions of Jews since it was founded back in 1983 by Rabbi Eckstein. With his demise, the organizations responsibility ahs fallen on Yael Eckstein. As she seeks to continue forward the legacy of her father, let us look back into the global organization that IFCJ ratings has been able to morph into with their tireless efforts.

Wings of Eagles

IFCJ ratingsAfter the fall of Soviet Union in 1990, after 74 years of Communism; the door to freedom was left wide open. Many oppressed groups of Soviet Jews who were banned from travelling back to the holy land of Israel for so many years were finally free without any shackles of injustice to reach their destiny. Thus, large scale immigration was on the radar, but there were much bigger problems beyond their freedom. Israel was filled with poverty with no economic improvements. Multiplied with impending terrors of war with neighboring nations, the country was not at all in good shape.

This is when Wings of Eagles program of IFCJ came to their rescue. With the aid of influential Christians, the organization was able to raise funds in order to help the basic needs of the Jewish immigrants. Good IFCJ ratings have shown how the organization has been working day in and day out to help the needy.

Stand for Israel

IFCJ ratingsSimply showing love and sharing multiple posts on social Medias for raising awareness for the land of Israel is not enough. The unnerved Jewish communities needed a pillar of support. IFCJ ratings is the answer to the prayers of millions of Jews. With the help of Christians, they have aided countless people by influencing them with positivity. The fellowship urges out to the local leaders to join hands and leave aside their communal barriers and come forward in helping out the needy.

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