Why is Titanium Piping Being Used?

Titanium piping, as the name suggests, is built from titanium. It is generally used in tubing for aerospace industries and wherever high temperature heat is used. It can also be used as a supplement for high quality stainless steel, or where the properties of stainless steel don’t suffice.

The tube can come in various forms: seamless and welded. The latter can be categorized into many more versions depending on the requirement. There are two different approaches that titanium piping manufacturers take:

  1. Rotary Piercing for seamless pipes
  2. Extrusion for the different kinds of welded pipes

Titanium pipingBoth of these processes are incredibly complex to perform and, it takes superior engineering and engineers to come out with a premium quality titanium pipe.

Some welded tubes, are still easier to make, as they chose are rolled from a flat sheet of titanium, whereas the other kinds are smelted from the center to get the hollow hole inside the tube.

There are several grades of titanium piping, grade 2 is the one that is used in most cases, these are readily available and are cost efficient, and it can also be used in most cases. However, in cases where thicker pipes are required other grades like 3 and 12 are available. The piping must be chosen based on the work that it is required to do. Similarly the diameters of the pipes can be chosen on the basis of the work that is required.

The reason why titanium pipes are getting increasing popular is because they are cost effective. A titanium pipe can easily last a lifetime without corroding, under any environment.

These pipes can be used in chemical processing because they are resistant to the load.

Titanium pipes are also extremely efficient as they have a good strength-to-weight ratio and as the market of stainless steel goes down, titanium is coming out on the top with its incredibly advantageous properties.

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