What does one need to know about IFCJ?

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a completely self-dependent organisation that does not profit at all from the money which is collected from the people, organisations and trade.  This non-profit organisation was started way back in 1983 by a Rabbi Yael Eckstein. Yael studied sociology, Israeli culture, biblical connotations and matters relating to Christian traditions from world famous universities such as the Queens University and the Hebrew University. After grasping a big amount of knowledge on these fields, Yael was moved by the on-going cold war between the Jews and the Christians. IFCJ reviewsMany people were harassed and killed due to this conflict and the worst part is this rivalry h been going on since primeval times and no one could solve it. Yael analysed the problems well and then decided to make an organisation that could actually help both the communities to live together in brotherhood.

Why are the IFCJ reviews important?

The IFCJ reviews are very important when it comes to rectifying the mistakes that has been made by the IFCJ in whatever means. With hard work comes great success and that is what happened to IFCJ. Within very less time IFCJ was raised to a great platform and helped out Jews from different countries. The positive reviews given by some honourable men in the social media suggest that IFCJ has been doing great work right from the beginning and the mentor of all this, Yael Eckstein is a man of honour indeed. IFCJ reviewsThe IFCJ has successfully helped a huge number of Jews to fly to Israel with new immigration and proper living standards. There are also negative reviews coming in from people that IFCJ spends a lot of money advertising via media channels, radio and hoardings across different parts of a country which is deemed unnecessary.

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