The Work of IFCJ towards Preserving the Common Ground between the Christians and the Jews

IFCJ, International Federation of Christians and Jews is commonly known as The Fellowship and is quite popular for its contribution towards cooperation between the two religions.

The philanthropic organisation goes to way back to 1983 by Yechiel Eckstein who for his charity works worked towards Christian-Jewish cooperation project for the safety of Jews in Israel and the rest of the world.IFCJ reviews

IFCJ and its methods

Known towards striving towards the cooperation between the Christianity and the Jew, the organisation’s vision lay in providing to the very needs of Jews all over the world by raising enough funds among its partners.

In order to serve the basic necessities including food and educational as well as informational needs for Jews in and around Israel, former Soviet Union, The Fellowship aim at helping the Jews under the threat of Semitism.

Is IFCJ a good charity?

As of now, the past 20 years of growth and development of the organisation has been successful in raising $1.4 billion mainly from Christians. With more and more contributions and charity, around 1.4 million people being helped by the organisation, IFCJ ratings have had an impressible score.

The help

Known for its political help, statistics reveal that IFCJ helps around 110,000 Jews, especially Holocaust survivors from the former Soviet. With more than 400 projects, IFCJ rating reveals helping the community in association with the great help from the Christian community.IFCJ reviews

In a nutshell, the collaboration of Christians from all over the world, be it the United States, Canada or the Great Britain, people have not only aimed to come to the orphans’ aid but also protecting the Jewish community as a whole.

As per the Charity Navigator, IFCJ reviews show an impressive 85.68 % financial score and 100% Accountability and Transparency score. With Eckstein’s death in 2019, he shared his beloved thoughts on his and IFCJ’s work towards the unity between the two communities around the globe.

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