The Two Co-founders of Did Things Differently

During the last few years, has certainly made its way amongst the top hotel booking sites that users like to visit due to its attractive offerings. However, it is not as if the two promoters of this portal had a lot of resources in their hand when they started the business. As a matter of fact, it was a self-sustained business without much help from any corporate or other biggies. The only thing is that they had a vision for it and that is evident from the way that it has been taken forward by them.

Reservations.comIt was co-founded by Yatin Patel and Mahesh Chaddah from just a paltry investment of $400 and the rest is history as they say! There are some aspects, however, that must be shared here to understand the success and the turnaround that the website has experienced till date.

  • Taking calculated risks matter a lot – The travel website was created after conceptualizing a plan between the two and then working carefully on it. Innovation with fearlessness always played its part in the whole process so that calculated risks were taken by the duo that benefited the whole cause. The website is definitely making huge waves as it has received a thumping success since its launch in 2014. Doing things differently has been a a strong point for both the founders of this venture.
  • Different skill sets also helped the endeavor – While Yatin Patel is from the educational background of Marketing and Industrial Design, Mahesh Chaddah holds a computer science degree. The diversified profiles of both the co-founders brought different skill sets to the table that has only benefited their start-up so that many new ideas have been successfully implemented by them.

Due to all these reasons, the company is doing quite well at the moment and is expected to stay strong further.

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