The Name Roberto Casula is Specially Mention worthy When One Talks about Eni

Who is Roberto Casula

Does anybody have heard the name of Roberto Casula? If not then you must know about him. His name deserves special mention as one talks of Eni. He holds a degree in the field of Mining Engineering. After completion of his roberto casulaGraduation (in Mining Engineering) in 1988(April) from the renowned University at Cagliari, he began making plans for his future so to achieve his desired goal.

Joining Eni and gradual progression with promotion

In 1988 in the month of July Roberto Casula joined Eni which was previously known as Agip S.P.A. He was recruited as a Reservoir Engineer. The period from the year 2014(June) to the year 2018(September) is specially mention worthy because within this span of time in Eni S.P.A, he occupied the post of the Officer relating to Chief Development, Technology and Operations.

He deserves special importance at that time being the leader of an organization like Eni S.P.A which comprises of 3000 people (at the Head Quarter) and 9000 workers (throughout the world).

The main responsibilities which Roberto Casula, the chief of Eni undertook are mainly related to the design of Industrial projects and their implementation in all sorts of business sections concerning Eni.  His was associatedroberto casula with supervision and maintenance of the global production operations. Not only that, he observed and controlled the activities regarding upstream procurement and also look after the administration process relating to contracts.

Besides acting as a supervisor to these activities (stated above) he explores innovative technologies thereby using them to get desired results. Moreover, he deserves outstanding significance in defining the company’s technology plan. The role also visualizes the support required for the research and preparation relating to company’s strategy. Then there is the four year plan, preparation and management of budget and provision concerning technological services to every subsidiary.

 Additionally there are few responsibilities includes the expansion of ‘know-how’ and competence for all the technical people associated with the company and development of scheme relating to knowledge management.

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