The IFCJ Program Started By the Rabbi Eckstein Was Making a Difference in the Life of a Large Number of People

A famous journalist named Zev Chafets once stated that Yechiel Eckstein is the modern-day equivalent of Jesus Christ as both had absolute command over their mass of people. The Israeli American Rabbi Eckstein dedicated his entire life to work for the improvement of Jewish people who were the victim of nuclear holocaust to Jews across the diasporas.

The fellowship of IFCJ program:

The fellowship program started by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was successful in raising as much as 1.6 billion in US currency to help the poor Jews. The IFCJ or International Fellowship for Christian and Jews helped people in rehabilitating people back to Israel from different parts of the world which received severe flak from his critics.

The donators of IFCJ:

Yechiel Eckstein

The money raised by the fellowship program mostly came from generous donations of evangelicals residing in the United States. Before him, no one dared to mix the two groups of people as a wall of mistrust was built between them; the rabbi was successful in pulling down the wall and reunites them. The IFCJ reviews help to prove that all his efforts in uplifting the Jews were working and he was making a difference in their life.

The man later moved to Israel from the States and got his citizenship of the country, but he continued to work for the betterment of the particular group of people. Apart from the fellowship program, he conducted several other campaigns like the one which was started to bring the estranged Jewish people from the Soviet Union back to Israel.

The Books authored by him and the Biography:

He authored several books namely “How Firm a Foundation: A Gift of Jewish Wisdom for Christian and Jews” and “What You Should Know about Jews and Judaism” and many more. Chafets wrote a biography on the famed rabbi named “The Bridge Builder”. He served the people of his race for more than three decades, and during the period his career was smeared by some amount of controversy.

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