Statements issued by the IFCJ chief

The IFCJ reviews and the IFCJ ratings easily resolve the query in the minds of the people who ask Is IFCJ a good charity with the strong and robust nature of the chief. In one of the recent interviews with JTA, Eckstein disclosed that he considered the decision of break with the Jewish Agency as a high grade of incompetence. This was a result of a huge transparency gap, red tape and the reluctant nature of the body that was acknowledged by the contributions on the behalf of their fellowship.

IFCJ ratings

These statements also gave a boost to the IFCJ rating on an overall basis. There was a reluctant from the side of the Jewish Agency who completely denied of such act and disclosed its strong-hold and maintenance over its staff members to solve their readiness issues that were persistent in the surge of 2014’s aliyah operation from either sides of Ukraine and France.

 It was claimed that Eckstein was very sensitive towards getting a position and a seat for him that made him to break all forms of relations with NefeshB’Nefesh, an aliyah group. This led to the establishment of the recognition in the early part of 2000. This was indicated to be one of the most prevalent ego issues that persisted in all statements generated and stated by Eckstein.

IFCJ ratings

Ecksteinis considered to be very strong through his robust decisions and nature within the Jewish philanthropy. This is only because of his megalomaniacal effort which he applies to supply both the Federal system and the Jewish Agency.This statement was made by Sam Shube in his lengthy comments made over the Jewish philanthropy.Sam Shube is the former executive of the Hand in Hand Center for Jewish Arab Education and anon-profit consultant at the Rabbis for Human Rights.

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