Robotically-assisted Surgical Device: A Robot Surgeon or Surgeon-operated Robot

Surgery has been in human hands for long years. For a patient, a surgeon is like God who can save his (patient’s) life. When a patient is taken to the operative table, consent is obtained from his or her family members so that a surgeon is not made responsible, if a patient dies during surgical procedure. Obviously, surgery is a matter of life and death for a patient. A surgeon makes his complete efforts to save the patient, but surgical mortality depends on many factors. A surgeon has confidence in his surgical skill, but patient’s strength and tolerance power are important for success of a surgical procedure.

Software-assisted surgical techniques

Contemporary scenario of surgery is not like a traditional scenario. The current scenario is advanced because there are innovative surgical techniques like laparoscopy, robotic surgery, etc. These are minimally invasive techniques that have reduced surgical risks and human efforts. Innovative surgical techniques are computer-assisted surgical systems that use a designated software that perform function like pre-operative planning, surgical navigation and surgical procedure assistance more precisely compared to human brain and hands.Roberto Casula

Robotically-assisted surgical (RAS) device

What is computer-assisted surgical system? Robotically-assisted surgical (RAS) device is a type of system included in this category which is used by surgeons like Roberto Casula for complex surgeries. Dr. Casula is a cardiac surgeon, and computer-assisted surgical system is highly supportive in cardiac surgery which is a complex procedure. A robotically-assisted surgical device has ability to facilitate minimally invasive surgery with more focus on confined area. This type of surgical procedure is referred to as robotic surgery.

Is RAS a robot surgeon or surgeon-operated robot?

Why RAS is called robotic surgery? There is a misconception that a robot is used to perform this type of surgical procedure., but this technique actually uses human control, the hands of a surgeon, to operate using a robotic device. In fact, it is most advanced technique which works like a robot.

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