Robotic Surgery: Evolving Paradigm of Medical Technology

Evolving paradigms of medical technology have offered better ways to surgeons to explore human anatomy. Surgeons do a great job, but they make big physical efforts to do these jobs. A surgeon’s hands and brain work concurrently to perform a surgical procedure. For instance, a typical heart surgery lasts for 3-5 hours, but a surgeon and his team can’t take rest during the entire procedure.roberto casula

Conventional vs robotic surgery

The case of advance surgical procedure is somewhat different. It doesn’t reduce time required for a surgical procedure, but surgeon’s efforts are greatly reduced. Take an example of a robotic surgery.  The robotic cardiac surgeon can sit on an operating chair and direct a robot to perform the entire surgical procedure. In this task, he doesn’t need an assistance from a surgical team because a robot alone can perform multiple tasks. He is assisted by advance automated techniques and visualization to perform his work. A renowned robotic cardiac surgeon Roberto Casula did much research work on visualization techniques.

Robotic surgery technology

The breaking of complexity of cardiac surgery is made simple by advance technologies. Despite this, robotic surgery is challenging because it requires much more skill than a conventional surgeon would need to perform his task. The focus of a robotic surgeon is on movement of a robotic arm which has, though far more stability than a human arm, but only a skilled surgeon like Roberto Casula has ability to move this arm.roberto casula

Worth of robotic surgery

From above discussion, we understood that robotics are autonomous systems, but their control is not simple. They break the complex procedure into a simple one but the efforts of a surgeon are complex. We also conclude from this discussion that robotic surgery is an efficient procedure and an approach which has worth in complicated surgeries. This worth is enhanced when surgical robot operation is the hands of Robert Casula like surgeon.

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