Partzilla shipping: Some notable things about getting the product in your hands

The Partzilla shipping, is quite well known for its services. However, there might be times when the part that has been requested by you is not with the manufacturers as well. In these cases, a backorder notice is usually issued. The notice would be accompanied by a date, estimating when the order is going to reach you. This date can be changed Partzilla shippinglater and sometimes even the manufacturer does not have a proper date. You will not be able to know about the date on which the product reaches you, till the retailer gets the part in his hands.

No shipping days

You must remember that no shipping takes place on Sundays or during International Labor day. The time of transit, starts after the package has got shipped, this period never includes weekends or national holidays. If the parts that you have ordered, are not in stock, then time of transit begins after the retailer gets them from the manufacturer. The standard shipping time is usually 2-3 days.

Split shipping

You can pay for your shipment or opt to get free shipping. It is standard for the OEM part providers to usually shipPartzilla shipping the entire order in a single shipment. In many cases it has been seen, that if one part of your order is out of stock, then the entire shipment gets held up. Therefore, you need to get in touch with Partzilla shipping immediately if you come to know that at least a part of your order is in stock and get that part.


You need to show flexibility about your Partzilla shipping, if you especially wish to get those parts, that are not in stock. The out of stock parts can take about a week to reach you. You need to order from authorized dealers and also use the strategy of split shipping, for best results.

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