Learning from the Career Life of Blake Orlandi

Blake Orlandi, the present Chief Operating Officer of Book of the Month Clube, one of the leading subscription commerce businesses, is the famous name in the industry, and among various other professionals in business world. There is keenness to know about this guy who is not one among those guys who achieve success in old age after long years of their career.

Impressive attributes and achievements of Blake Orlandi

The attributes and achievements of Blake Orlandi are highly impressive. A person who finished his under graduation 2005 is on the apex-level position as COO in the Book of the Month Club today. It took him less than a decade to achieve this milestone because he initially got the position of COO in Bookspan, LLC in October 2014. In September 2015, he took this position also in Book of the Month Club. This is a big achievement at this young age. No doubt, he studied in Harvard Business School, world’s reputed business school, but his knowledge and skills in business are also remarkable.

Blake’s leadership traits

Blake Orlandi held many important positions during his business career and shown extraordinary performance in every position held by him so far. He has leadership traits and led many teams in various organizations. The positions held by him as Director (Acquisitions and Business Development) in Evergreen Copyrights; both SVP, Head of Media and COO in Bookspan, LLC; and COO in Book of the Month Club are all prestigious positions. Blake still has lot of career to grow, and he has potential grow to a new height over years to come ahead.

Blake’s career success

Blake’s career success is an inspiration for those who have business potential. The enthusiasts never miss opportunities and take advantages of every challenge they accept in life. Blake achieved what he wished, and still aspires to achieve more. The successful career of Blake depicts his ability to grow more and more.

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