Learn how John Lippman is keeping an age old club alive by making simple renovations!

With the rapid assimilation of digital media into our daily lives, the practice of reading books faces a threat. More and more people, especially today’s youth are attracted more to social media and other digital platforms rather than spending some time with a good book.

The Book-of-the-Month Club or BOMC, for instance, is an institution found in 1926 which faced irrelevance in the recent years due to rising influence of digital media in our lives. The club also lost many of its members because of platforms like Amazon which gave people easier access to books on the digital platform.

That is why, John Lippman in 2012 revamped the BOMC and put it online to appeal to readers who have sought the digital platform as a place for reading.

How is Lippman changing BOMC?

Lipmann acquired BOMC from its Bookspan, its parent company in 2012. He aimed to build an appeal with the people who have turned to the digital platform to purchase books.

To realize his vision, John Lippman transferred all BOMC members who were previously receiving its mail order catalogue to Literary Guild Club by Bookspan. He then proceeded to building an entirely new BOMC for the online platform.

But the club, in its essence, still remains same. It still embraces its goal of helping readers discover new books each month. But with changing times it has only changed its medium!

How does the new BOMC work?

Like previous BOMC, there are judges who select five books each month from a list curated by BOMC’s own editors. Judges include stalwarts like Leigh Haber from Oprah magazine, Kim Hubbard of People, Patrick Bass of Essence and the likes!

Thus members of the new BOMC can pay a specific fee of $14.99 each month and in return have a privilege to choose any one from five of the books selected by judges each month.

Therefore John Lippman has found a perfect recipe to keep the age old tradition of a book club alive even in our modern age by making some simple adjustments!

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