How to become a sports handicapper

To amateurs, professional sports handicapper are akin to some higher entities – they seem to have some unattainable, inexplicable skills that allow them to choose the winning picks. Whereas amateurs lose over 90% of their money in the long run, sports handicappers seem to double, even triple their money over the same period of time. sports handicapperFret not, my friends. In this article you will understand that sports handicapping aren’t one single, tough process – it is, in fact a combination of data, tactics and betting knowledge. Remember, you are doing this to try and one up the sports books, so you must work hard and be patient in choosing which wager to make.
The single most important step in sports handicapping is to do your research. Just because you think you know everything you could know about the game does not mean you actually do. It is necessary to constantly update your knowledge about your chosen sport. Some areas that you should keep abreast of are – team/player stats, home/away records, winning/ losing streaks, ATS (against the spread) stats etc. sports handicapperDepending upon your choice, you can research even more extensively to increase your preparedness for a bet. The more you know, the better and easier it is for you to make a wager.
After you’ve done your research and are armed with appropriate knowledge, it is time to look for a suitable bet to make. Most betting sites will offer you similar money lines for a single bet. You must search hard and compare all available options to choose the one you can exploit in your favour. Patience is the key. Do not jump on the first money line you see. Do your research, and conduct your enquiry. Only when you are fully satisfied as a sports handicapper, you should spend your money on a wager.

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