Happiness Occur With Collaborative Efforts

Vital Strategy

Being one of its kind, IFCJ has achieved success in providing basic necessities to the poor people- elderly citizens- war widows- orphan children and the soldiers of the country. In order to ensure the maintained working of every sphere, contributing to the development of the economy. That needs to rise from the deplorable conditions of the war effects. For which, the organization has formed the stepwise planning to save and feed everyone effected with the destruction caused physically and psychologically. The first and foremost requirement of the oppressed group is to get the relief and support, in every sense.IFCJ

Expected Results Achieved

IFCJ has worked very hard and dedicatedly, for helping the majority of the groups to get back to their normal life. It took them a lot of efforts, resources and the power of humankind. The major contribution arrived from the donations, raised from the Christian community. Since the main aim of the organization for its establishment was to fill the gaps of hatred among Christians and Jews. In order to lay down the foundation of a strong future, for both the communities. That needs full-time commitment and training on a strong basis.

As a political form of organization, IFCJ has been able to reach the desired outcome of their concrete efforts and donations raised by them. The number of shelters built for the bomb survivors has exceeded to 5,500 in the first quarter of 2019, that would prove to be the beneficial platform for the people who have been suffering all their lives. As the organization have arranged for all the bare requirements of human life, without any kind of delays.Due to the quick actions and faster level of response, in the situations of destruction with the strong professional approach.

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