Facts about the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The Jewish community has always been under discrimination in Europe. Jewish were attacked by Christian most of the time. Some of the jobs were discriminated to the ones who were Jewish. A person has to be Christian to apply for certain jobs. Christians sometimes convert Jews with brute force to Christianity. IFCJ reviewsHitler has been said to have come into contact with anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism means hostility to or prejudice towards Jew. It is said that Hitler hated his Jewish roots and assumed that from their Hitler had anti-Semitism. One more reason was during the First World War, Hitler marched an army of Germans into the war. In the gas attack when he goes bed sick and got the news that the German army surrendered he could not believe this. But one of the reasons the German army surrendered was due to the Jews, which was a false allegation against the Jews because over a hundred thousand German and Austrian Jews fought for their fatherland. Since then Hitler always thought it was Jews that they lost a winning battle. IFCJ reviewsThe chaos that took place in Germany after they lost their emperor, Hitler thought of it all was because of the Jews. Hence he ordered his army to kill all the Jews.

A number of welfare organizations have been constructed and put to work. The only goal of such an organization is to make the welfare better off  IFCJ reviews. Relieve stress from countries. International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is one of those organizations which deemed to help form a network between Christian and Jews. They help restore the Jewish community back and bring balance to Israel and other countries where there is still chaos between Christian and Jews. The objective is to stop such discrimination and promote peace among the two communities.

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