ETA visa FAQ

Granted that the process of applying for a visa, even an ETA visa to visit Australia can be a tad confusing at times, and that is why it is important for you to head over to the ‘www eta immi gov au’ so that you can get all your queries answered. If you still have questions about the process and some of the important points, then you can read the rest www eta immi gov auof the article. The first thing that you need to know is that not all the nations are eligible for an ETA, only those nations that have been pre-approved as visa exempt nations, would be granted an ETA. So you may want to double check and see if you happen to reside in one.

Important points to consider:

When you enter Australia on an ETA visa or for that matter any visa, you may be subject to a random health checkup. Once you are cleared you would be permitted to enter the country; you would be required to fill in all the details in the passenger card including where you are planning to stay, etc. You should also know that your ETA visa expressly forbids you from seeking employment during the duration of your stay and that the visa in question, even though it is a multiple entry visa, is valid for 12 months only.

Educational courses:www eta immi gov au

While an ETA visa can empower you to stay on for a period of 12 months and a further 3 months post the expiry date, you would still be required to leave at the end of that period. However, during the duration of your stay, you can enroll in an educational program or course not exceeding three months. You can also re-apply for a new ETA at the expiry of your current one and go ahead and complete your course.

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