Electronic Versus Regular Cigarette: Dissimilarities & Similarities

E-smoking is a fantastic style which appeals most cigarette smokers. E-cigaretter are novel way of inhaling vapors instead of inhaling smoke through conventional cigarette method. E-smoking is entirely different from conventional cigarette smoking in many aspects.

Electronic vs regular cigarette: Dissimilarities

E-cigaretLet’s consider the following aspects to differentiate between two different practices: vaping and smoking.

  • E-cigaret is an electronic device which use heating as a method to produce vapors, unlike combustion in a regular cigarette to produce smoke.
  • Regular cigarettes use only tobacco, or sometimes marijuana as a key content, but electronic cigarettes use liquids of assorted flavors.
  • A regular cigarette piece can be used for once because the whole cigarette is burnt with burning of tobacco, but electronic cigarette is reusable by replenishing the liquid in the cartridge. This device can be used by refilling e-væske of different flavor after every use.
  • A regular cigarette is environment polluting and annoying to others, but an electronic cigarette is environment-friendly and doesn’t annoys people who are associating its user.
  • There is no production of poisonous carbon monoxide gas and tar in electronic cigarette which are main hazards of regular cigarette smoking. That’s why, electronic cigarettes are safer compared to regular cigarettes from the perspective of health.
  • Regular cigarette smoking is a tradition, a common practice in most smoking populations, but the use of electronic cigarettes is a style.

Similarities in electronic and regular cigarette

We may also assume two different practices: vaping and smoking as similar in few aspects. Both practices are not E-cigaretrecommended for underage individuals, and both have health risks, especially pertaining to pulmonary health. The same style is used in both practices, except that smoke is not emitted in an electronic cigarette. Dissimilarities are far more than similarities that make electronic cigarette a superior device which is safer and better alternative to cigarette smoking. This also offers a valid reason for its growing use.


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