Creating a more humane world

As it turns out to be, present generation of humans do not recognize the essence of living in a society that tries to encapsulate the interests of all type of people. An ideal family is one that understands the basic needs, necessities and requirements of each of the family member, and then tries to accommodate all types of demands, with efficient utilization of all resources.Yael Eckstein

Similarly, a society is one that captures people of all kinds and tries to maximize the satisfaction of all, keeping in centre the agenda of accommodation of several interests. However, as it seems to be, nothing is perfect and hence, no such ideal society has been found as of now. The discrimination of Jewish communities represents the violation of such kind of definition. Due to some anti-Semitic efforts, the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler exterminated 6 millions Jews, and following the period of Holocaust, it was the USSR leader, Joseph Stalin, who engaged into discrimination of Jews. As a result, in the current times, Jews are being treated differently and their interests are being suppressed.

Yael Eckstein is a helping angel just like her father, Rabbi Eckstein. For her, Jews are a family, and so are the Christians. Therefore, she heads the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.Yael Eckstein

The lost pride of Jewish communities needs to be restored, and this can be known as one of her primary aims as the head of IFCJ, which is an organization constituted to help the cause of poor Jews. Yael Eckstein creates aura for making life easier for the Jews, and looks ahead consolidation of interests of all groups of the society. Therefore, Yael Eckstein is involved in engagement of a kind of society that produces an all rounding society. Hence, she helps creating a world that is much more humane.

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