Can The Assessment Done By BBB And Charity Navigator Help Programs Like IFCJ In The Long Run?

 The number of charitable houses is increasing in number with every passing day, resulting in large number frauds occurring regularly. These philanthropic organisations need constant monitoring to eliminate any illegal activities.

The flawed concept when it come charitable organisation

Whenever we hear the term charitable organisation, we draw a picture in our mind that the organisation is dedicated only in philanthropic activities; but all these organisations are not structured similarly. Due to this flawed conception, we came across the concocted news that scamming was practiced at IFCJ or International Fellowship for Christian and Jews.

The promising work done by BBB and Charity Navigator

The need for a third party Charity Assessment was becoming eminent with every passing day which forced organisations like BBB and Charity Navigator to come into play. The ratings provided by these organisations regarded as ironclad and free from any partiality. The IFCJ rating provided by BBB is highly encouraging as they rated the program as “standard is met” in their report. The other party in their IFCJ ratings stated that the organisation is well structured and run by an able group of people thereby giving the program 81 out of possible 100.

These positive IFCJ reviews by such leading organisation completely outbid the question “Is IFCJ a good charity?” as the reports labeled them as one of the best-run programs in the country.  Some controversial reports were doing the rounds in the news that the program started by Rabbi Epstein may have involved them in some money laundering scam, but the reports from the assessing firms put an end to the reports and classify them as one of the best.

The reports also stated that the excellent work done by the organisation in different parts of the world for the betterment is highly inspiring and encouraging. The fellowship program was successful in helping a large number of Jewish people who were in poverty by providing them with shelter, food and warmth.

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