Brief of Roberto Casula’s Interview on the Future of Oil Industry

Are you are a follower of Roberto casula eni then you must be amazed to read this post. This post is a brief description of an interview that he gave at the Oil and Money conference held in 2013. It was one of the most anticipated annual events that were jointly organized by the Energy Intelligence and International Herald Tribune to talk about the opportunities available in the East and West Africa. Just go through it and enhance your knowledge of it.

The purpose

Roberto casula eniWhen asking about the purpose by the interviewer he said that they are scouting the Far East Market at the same time conversing with the buyers in China, India, and Japan. He continued and said; from the point of view of transportation compared to other situation East Africa is advantageous. At the same time in contrast to Australian projects, the terms are different and most likely less difficult in East African projects.  He included that starting from 2018, 2019 there surely be room for the allocation of volumes of LNG. This is also supposed to be the conclusion of the discussion going on with the buyers and there won’t be any problem.

His view on Nigerian exploration

When asking about the decline in exploration in Nigeria, Roberto casula continued as if talking about West Africa, they should consider the significance of breakthroughs in the pre-sold place. This is the aspect of changing the situation.  From the point of view of mature countries to the countries having a crucial part in the future of oil is all the same. In his view, East Africa has the potential and will surely be rising as a gas hub. At the same time, West Africa will play a crucial role in oil and oil hub. This pint is the conclusion point of the interview. In his interview, he clearly indicated the future of the oil and gas industry.

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