“Book of the Month” is Not a New Concept

As many people may take note that “Book of the Month” is making some rapid strides in the reader’s community. The online subscription commerce company under its COO, Blake Orlandi has been quite successful in taking its products to a lot of avid readers. But it is not as though the company is new in the space although its online avatar may be fairly new. “Book of the Month” is a 90-years old brand that has only been re-discovered by readers, thanks to all the efforts and the nice work done by its team under the able guidance of Blake Orlandi.

The dynamic COO of the company has managed to turn the fortunes of the firm so that at a time when more people like to read books of different genre, the company is there for everyone’s need. We take a look here at some of the things that it has done till date.

  • It was one of the pioneers of its time – When “Book of the Month” started earlier, there was a widespread liking for its offerings because, at that time, reading was more of a passion. But with the passage of time, reading lost much of its luster due to newer entertainment mediums. But then, it is also a fact that anything that has value will not die down soon. That exactly seems to have happened to read so that under its current COO, Blake Orlandi, reading has once again come to the fore as many new readers like to go through their favorite novels these days. It is also pertinent to mention here that compared to earlier times, there are more novel launches these days due to better printing opportunities and that has also helped a lot for readers.

  • Many genres can easily be expected – The success of “Book of the Month” stems from the fact that many new genres are available here. It is a specialty of the brand since the beginning. That has been carried forward in its digital avatar also and hence readers can get a lot of option to choose from.

“Book of the Month” has been a fairly successful attempt in enticing readers who also seem to have liked the concept.

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