An Organization’s Success Rests on Its Leaders

It is a well-known fact that if a leader leads from the front, the result of any activity can be encouraging. This fact has once again been exemplified by the success of the organization, “Book of the Month”. The firm is led by John Lippman who is the CEO of this subscription e-commerce company since Jan 2016. The organization offers novels and other interesting reading stuff and bestsellers across genre to its customers and subscribers.John Lippmann

The CEO has ensured that a model has been created out of the operations of the organization so that more new companies have started operating after looking at its success. He has been quite instrumental in developing a team of astute professionals and keeping them motivated to their work. A lot of earlier experience of John Lippman has helped this turnaround as we can understand from the following sections.

  • Being in different roles has been helpful – John Lippman¬†has been earlier associated with enterprises that have scaled massive highs and are growth stories of the time. Therefore, he has seen the ways and means in which enterprises build and operate on a large scale. The different roles that he managed earlier helped him to gain rich experience for all types of situations and how job-roles and functions can be implemented at different times. These faculties have been carefully leveraged and utilized in “Book of the Month” so that it has scaled new heights of success in the last few years.
  • Watching many types of conditions develops an individual – Being in different types of conditions can have a very good overall impact on an individual so that many different types of real-time skills can be learned to cope with them. The same seems to have happened to the professional too as he has been a part of many corporate turnarounds and has even led and worked on deals from $50 million to $3.5 billion. These experiences will surely have their own benefits in the current role.

There is no doubt that the fortunes of the company have seen a resounding success under him.

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