Publishing Person John Lippman Re-launches Book of Month Club

John Lippman, CEO and leading entrepreneur who found Bookspan had been an executive at Evergreen Copyrights, a firm that deals with music rights. Lippmann is a very popular figure in the media and entertainment industry. He has bought majority of stakes in the firm Bookspan. His main idea while doing this was to re-launch Book of the Month Club which was first started in 1926 a major player in the book and publishing industry as it helped reshape book sales and membership. John has served as senior vice president in companies like Synergy Outdoors and was CFO of Evergreen Copyrights. He first worked at HBS and Lehman Brothers Private Equity.

Book of the Month Club

John Lippman has experience in the book, publishing and book membership industry with Bookspan which was a joint venture with Time Inc. and was a collection of book clubs. His latest venture the Book of the Month Club has been formed under the parent company Bookspan. John Lippman has experience in acquiring, building and selling companies in e-commerce, media and entertainment industry. He has also led several start ups and corporate turnaround.

Why the Re-launch

Rise of e-commerce companies like Amazon had led to the decline of book membership companies and the Book of the Month club also had a similar fate before John buying the company in 2012. He bought a majority stake in the company Book of The Month Club with a vision to remake this club for a different target group like the millennial generation.

John Lippman has a vision of completely upgrading Book of The Month Club’s customers. He has increased the revenues of the club in first 2 years by changing the rental plans for hard covers and book subscription. He hopes to take the club to new heights.


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The Incompetent Staff May Tarnish The Image Of A Customer-Oriented Company.  

We often face issues with our hotel bookings while traveling and in some extreme cases we end up canceling our trip which is regarded as unfortunate for an industry that makes their bread out of customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, in recent days, the number has increased to such an extent that the sector started to face severe loss of profit.

Reservations.comThe number of grievances was rising due to poor service quality, and the websites which provide hotel booking service with inadequate information was the main culprit. The number of such websites was increasing in number as it is one of the largest profit-making industries across the globe, but the poor service was taking a toll on that profit and the need for some sites or booking portals were becoming necessary that prioritize customer satisfaction over profit.

 One such website named which was established in 2014 under the guidance of Yatin Patel was providing quality service with adequate information. The company with its primary objective of customer satisfaction started its journey from Orlando, but within a short time, it became one of the best globally.

What makes them one of the best?

Reservations.comThe USP of the company is to provide their client with all relevant pieces of information so that they can make an informed decision. While booking a hotel we often have doubts such as whether the room comes with parking service or not, or whether the hotel is Wi-Fi enabled or not which may seem to be very trifle at times but turn out to be a party spoiler.

The wide range of service provided by the company:

Apart from hotel booking, they provide car rental service which is as good as the hotel booking service. The staffs working for this brand is quite less in number, but they are more than efficient to handle substantial traffic in a short time. The toll-free customer assistance is active for twenty-four hours for every day of the week.

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What are the criteria on which donors rated IFCJ?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is the charitable organization that is receiving huge positive reviews from the donors for the programs that they are taking up and fight for the cause of eradicating poverty and helping the victims of war and terrorism. This IFCJ reviews organization is also working hard to better the relationship of both Jewish and Christian communities.IFCJ reviews

As per IFCJ reviews, here are the criteria based on which donors are rating this non-profit organization. There include:

Tax status: This non-profit organization has registered with 501 (c) (3) and donors can file tax in the annual form 990. This tax form would have the financial details of the non-profit organization. So, donors can save their money by donating some amount to the charity and get tax exemption.

Revenue: The organization is accumulating donations of around millions of dollars for a long time. These people are conducting various fundraising events to generate funds. There are many Christians across the globe who are donating an amount to run the charitable activities.

Length of the operations: Based on IFCJ reviews, this organization was founded in the year 1983 with the aim to serve the needy and bring out people from poverty and also help the people who are the victims of war and terrorism by distributing medicines, blankets, hot meals and clothes.

IFCJ reviewsThis organization is pretty older and made a huge name in the charity world with its wonderful and tremendous work. Generally, the charities that are new would be making the income that varies from year to year unlike the established ones.

Location: This is located in the United States and has a physical address and phone number that is published on the website. The donors can talk to the customer support team or board members to learn more about the activities that are undertaken by the charity for clear cut information.

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