The Name Roberto Casula is Specially Mention worthy When One Talks about Eni

Who is Roberto Casula

Does anybody have heard the name of Roberto Casula? If not then you must know about him. His name deserves special mention as one talks of Eni. He holds a degree in the field of Mining Engineering. After completion of his roberto casulaGraduation (in Mining Engineering) in 1988(April) from the renowned University at Cagliari, he began making plans for his future so to achieve his desired goal.

Joining Eni and gradual progression with promotion

In 1988 in the month of July Roberto Casula joined Eni which was previously known as Agip S.P.A. He was recruited as a Reservoir Engineer. The period from the year 2014(June) to the year 2018(September) is specially mention worthy because within this span of time in Eni S.P.A, he occupied the post of the Officer relating to Chief Development, Technology and Operations.

He deserves special importance at that time being the leader of an organization like Eni S.P.A which comprises of 3000 people (at the Head Quarter) and 9000 workers (throughout the world).

The main responsibilities which Roberto Casula, the chief of Eni undertook are mainly related to the design of Industrial projects and their implementation in all sorts of business sections concerning Eni.  His was associatedroberto casula with supervision and maintenance of the global production operations. Not only that, he observed and controlled the activities regarding upstream procurement and also look after the administration process relating to contracts.

Besides acting as a supervisor to these activities (stated above) he explores innovative technologies thereby using them to get desired results. Moreover, he deserves outstanding significance in defining the company’s technology plan. The role also visualizes the support required for the research and preparation relating to company’s strategy. Then there is the four year plan, preparation and management of budget and provision concerning technological services to every subsidiary.

 Additionally there are few responsibilities includes the expansion of ‘know-how’ and competence for all the technical people associated with the company and development of scheme relating to knowledge management.

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Social Causes Need Sincere Planning

Strategy Of Work

Like any other work needs complete planning for the expected results, so does the social and charity movements. Yael Eckstein is counted among the top reputed world-class leaders, who have been serving the society through their dedication and vision of supporting the cause. She has been carrying on the incomplete work of her father, through the most appropriate platform of IFCJ. The organization that is founded with the vision of providing complete assistance, for meeting the basic amenities of human life. She has also promoted the shelters for the survivors and the relief in different forms.Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein has performed all his priorities, in an accurate manner. Also making sure, that she doesn’t lack in the serving of the Jews community who have been receiving the support from the organization for a long time. She approached different other organizations, for the same purpose. Her published books also talk about the different incidents and situations that occur, for the Jewish community as a reason for their exploitation. For which, she suggested a various way out and the solutions for the identity of the individuals and the community too. That made her more famous and appreciated, among the majority of the groups.

Flawless ImplementationYael Eckstein

While planning to provide the essential resources of life, Yael Eckstein focuses on the maximum results of the strategic rules. Since the sufferings of the specific groups are known to all across the world, she has to work in the direction of achieving the 100% results. That can offer a remarkable survival to the affected people, also making sure that they can start their lives again with the same confidence and the energy level. Though the psychological and mental damages cannot be repaired, still she has been trying all her life to reconstruct the lost empires.

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Wings of Eagles and Stand for Israel Program Speaks In Volumes about the Success of IFCJ

IFCJ has helped millions of Jews since it was founded back in 1983 by Rabbi Eckstein. With his demise, the organizations responsibility ahs fallen on Yael Eckstein. As she seeks to continue forward the legacy of her father, let us look back into the global organization that IFCJ ratings has been able to morph into with their tireless efforts.

Wings of Eagles

IFCJ ratingsAfter the fall of Soviet Union in 1990, after 74 years of Communism; the door to freedom was left wide open. Many oppressed groups of Soviet Jews who were banned from travelling back to the holy land of Israel for so many years were finally free without any shackles of injustice to reach their destiny. Thus, large scale immigration was on the radar, but there were much bigger problems beyond their freedom. Israel was filled with poverty with no economic improvements. Multiplied with impending terrors of war with neighboring nations, the country was not at all in good shape.

This is when Wings of Eagles program of IFCJ came to their rescue. With the aid of influential Christians, the organization was able to raise funds in order to help the basic needs of the Jewish immigrants. Good IFCJ ratings have shown how the organization has been working day in and day out to help the needy.

Stand for Israel

IFCJ ratingsSimply showing love and sharing multiple posts on social Medias for raising awareness for the land of Israel is not enough. The unnerved Jewish communities needed a pillar of support. IFCJ ratings is the answer to the prayers of millions of Jews. With the help of Christians, they have aided countless people by influencing them with positivity. The fellowship urges out to the local leaders to join hands and leave aside their communal barriers and come forward in helping out the needy.

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Happiness Occur With Collaborative Efforts

Vital Strategy

Being one of its kind, IFCJ has achieved success in providing basic necessities to the poor people- elderly citizens- war widows- orphan children and the soldiers of the country. In order to ensure the maintained working of every sphere, contributing to the development of the economy. That needs to rise from the deplorable conditions of the war effects. For which, the organization has formed the stepwise planning to save and feed everyone effected with the destruction caused physically and psychologically. The first and foremost requirement of the oppressed group is to get the relief and support, in every sense.IFCJ

Expected Results Achieved

IFCJ has worked very hard and dedicatedly, for helping the majority of the groups to get back to their normal life. It took them a lot of efforts, resources and the power of humankind. The major contribution arrived from the donations, raised from the Christian community. Since the main aim of the organization for its establishment was to fill the gaps of hatred among Christians and Jews. In order to lay down the foundation of a strong future, for both the communities. That needs full-time commitment and training on a strong basis.

As a political form of organization, IFCJ has been able to reach the desired outcome of their concrete efforts and donations raised by them. The number of shelters built for the bomb survivors has exceeded to 5,500 in the first quarter of 2019, that would prove to be the beneficial platform for the people who have been suffering all their lives. As the organization have arranged for all the bare requirements of human life, without any kind of delays.Due to the quick actions and faster level of response, in the situations of destruction with the strong professional approach.

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