The Organization, IFCJ has Come a Long Way

After speaking to Yael Eckstein who heads the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), one can surely sense that the organization has come a long way since its inception 30-years ago. IFCJ was set up by her father Yael Ecksteintowards looking at the concerns of the two communities as well as children and the elderly who needed support. Since then, it has grown from strength to strength and as on date, there are many programs that are carried out by it. Yael Eckstein also shares that a lot has been covered since the last 30-years but still a lot has to be done so that the Fellowship can be regarded as one of the best in this direction. To prove her point, there are two aspects that have been specifically referred to. They are as follows.

  • There was not much knowledge earlier – Yael Eckstein says that earlier, there was not much convergence between Jews and Christians and that is why the shared values were not much known to each other. IFCJ has worked in that direction constantly and has tried to educate the masses that has helped reap rewards for a lot of people. It has also helped in understanding both the sects in a fairly better manner and people seem to be interested in knowing about both of them and their shared values and principles. It has also led to more respectYael Eckstein among each other.
  • Something common seems to have emerged – Before 30-years, there was not much understanding among Jews and whatever was taught through history books to them they learned that regarding Christianity. Through the efforts of IFCJ, both communities have known each other in a better way so that a better understanding has emerged among them. The common grounds have also been discovered and that has been quite helpful for many programs so that they can be connected satisfactorily.

IFCJ has been working tirelessly for social causes since more than 30-years and deserves all the credit for the work that it has accomplished so far.

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