What are things that can be learned from The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)?


There are a lot of things that the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews impart knowledge on. They have a goal of achieving universal brotherhood among the Jews and the Christians butt that needs to be done step by step. One such important step is education. Educating a person about the a particular language, a traditional belief or religious practices implants in their brains a seed of rationalism which grows to develop skills and enables one to take right decisions.IFCJ

The various devotional education presented by the IFCJ

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews preach the common word of God is everywhere and in everyone. God’s presence may not be perceived by our senses but virtually God id there in and around every human being.

The Jewish calendar is combinational of all the rules that are prevalent in various parts of the world and on the basis of that it is formulated.IFCJ

Purim is celebrated by the IFCJ community mainly for the depressed, oppressed and lonely multitude.  The reason being the IFCJ considers the entire community as a family and in order to provide the depressed class mental and physical support Purim in celebrated. A festival in which One must stay happy. This clearly answers the question ‘Is IFCJ a good charity?’.

The IFCJ rating and IFCJ reviews are greatly influenced by the selling of the guidebook ‘Man of Faith’ that provokes the presence of Godly characteristics in every human is a must.


There is huge number of devotional education strategies which has uplifted the IFCJ rating to a higher level. These procedures have a common intention of implanting the seed of brotherhood among the Jews and Christians which can successfully erase the 2000 year old rivalry among the two religions.

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