The Legacy of Gratitude, the ENI and Robert  

Robert Casula has been an inspiration and has always led ENI. In talking about his first success he becomes emotional and thanks his fate. He said that he was at the right place at the right time which had earned him what he is today.

He was a part of a very complex international negotiation and though he was not the first choice, his boss conferred the responsibility in him to carry forward the negotiation. It was one of the most thrilling experiences and had turned to be very successful and beneficial for the company.

His Belief

Roberto Casula eni

He believes in expanding his business beyond borders of the nation. He believes in building relationships rather than maintaining business deals Gratitude is always the thing which can help to keep a person humble, says Robert Casula eni. He does not count his success on how many large business deals he has signed but he thinks that every time he negotiates with a new counterpart or any different area of the world, he is successful.

The Person

A family person, he prioritises being with his family first. Apart from everything else and he being one of the most deserved business tycoon, he accepts success humbly. No one has ever seen him getting angry. He has never shown discontentment also, as said by all the people he has worked with.

Conserving energy and re utilising remains to be one of the most important and crucial areas that he has actually pointed. He has actually remodelled the whole scenario and has given it a different look altogether. The legacy that he is making is surely to be followed by everyone. He is to be studied and his ideas are to be taken as a blueprint. Starting from zero he has reached here and has actually been able to maintain that.

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