Can The Assessment Done By BBB And Charity Navigator Help Programs Like IFCJ In The Long Run?

 The number of charitable houses is increasing in number with every passing day, resulting in large number frauds occurring regularly. These philanthropic organisations need constant monitoring to eliminate any illegal activities.

The flawed concept when it come charitable organisation

Whenever we hear the term charitable organisation, we draw a picture in our mind that the organisation is dedicated only in philanthropic activities; but all these organisations are not structured similarly. Due to this flawed conception, we came across the concocted news that scamming was practiced at IFCJ or International Fellowship for Christian and Jews.

The promising work done by BBB and Charity Navigator

The need for a third party Charity Assessment was becoming eminent with every passing day which forced organisations like BBB and Charity Navigator to come into play. The ratings provided by these organisations regarded as ironclad and free from any partiality. The IFCJ rating provided by BBB is highly encouraging as they rated the program as “standard is met” in their report. The other party in their IFCJ ratings stated that the organisation is well structured and run by an able group of people thereby giving the program 81 out of possible 100.

These positive IFCJ reviews by such leading organisation completely outbid the question “Is IFCJ a good charity?” as the reports labeled them as one of the best-run programs in the country.  Some controversial reports were doing the rounds in the news that the program started by Rabbi Epstein may have involved them in some money laundering scam, but the reports from the assessing firms put an end to the reports and classify them as one of the best.

The reports also stated that the excellent work done by the organisation in different parts of the world for the betterment is highly inspiring and encouraging. The fellowship program was successful in helping a large number of Jewish people who were in poverty by providing them with shelter, food and warmth.

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Robotically-assisted Surgical Device: A Robot Surgeon or Surgeon-operated Robot

Surgery has been in human hands for long years. For a patient, a surgeon is like God who can save his (patient’s) life. When a patient is taken to the operative table, consent is obtained from his or her family members so that a surgeon is not made responsible, if a patient dies during surgical procedure. Obviously, surgery is a matter of life and death for a patient. A surgeon makes his complete efforts to save the patient, but surgical mortality depends on many factors. A surgeon has confidence in his surgical skill, but patient’s strength and tolerance power are important for success of a surgical procedure.

Software-assisted surgical techniques

Contemporary scenario of surgery is not like a traditional scenario. The current scenario is advanced because there are innovative surgical techniques like laparoscopy, robotic surgery, etc. These are minimally invasive techniques that have reduced surgical risks and human efforts. Innovative surgical techniques are computer-assisted surgical systems that use a designated software that perform function like pre-operative planning, surgical navigation and surgical procedure assistance more precisely compared to human brain and hands.Roberto Casula

Robotically-assisted surgical (RAS) device

What is computer-assisted surgical system? Robotically-assisted surgical (RAS) device is a type of system included in this category which is used by surgeons like Roberto Casula for complex surgeries. Dr. Casula is a cardiac surgeon, and computer-assisted surgical system is highly supportive in cardiac surgery which is a complex procedure. A robotically-assisted surgical device has ability to facilitate minimally invasive surgery with more focus on confined area. This type of surgical procedure is referred to as robotic surgery.

Is RAS a robot surgeon or surgeon-operated robot?

Why RAS is called robotic surgery? There is a misconception that a robot is used to perform this type of surgical procedure., but this technique actually uses human control, the hands of a surgeon, to operate using a robotic device. In fact, it is most advanced technique which works like a robot.

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Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein’s Personal Life and Life as the Founder of IFCJ

His contributions towards family

To meet both ends meet rabbi Yechiel Eckstein used to sing at weddings as well as he was a part-time rabbi. He became a citizen of Israeli on the year 2001, he moved to Israel in the same year only. His marriage with Bonnie Siegman was unsuccessful.

In the year 1983, he founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. By advertising on television he reached out to uncountable people in the United States. He made some remarkable awareness among Christians regarding the distress the people Israel and Jews are in and to assist them with donations. He expressed his strong voice against some Jewish leaders for doubting the support of Christians towards the people of Israel.

AchievementsRabbi Eckstein

Yechiel Eckstein’s was overwhelmed by the support and love of evangelicals showed for Jewish people.  Eckstein has worked selflessly and endlessly. Wherever he went he created a strong bond with Jewish people all around the world. His organization helped in upgrading as many as thousands of bomb shelters, provided fire engines, helped medical hospitals with M.R.I machines. Almost every year he raised a financial aid of more than $140 million on successfully receiving a contribution from Christians.

Based on the relationship between Christian and Jews he penned seven books. His basic financial aid was from Christians who were supporters of Zionism both in the United States and the whole world. He founded the non-profit organization IFCJ and in the IFCJ reviews people were seen mentioning mission of IFCJ is for a noble cause,

The demise of Rabbi Eckstein was unexpected and sudden. He was only 67 ages old when he departed from his life at his own home in Jerusalem. His cause of demise was cardiac arrest. Christian and Jews all over the world lamented for the loss. Hordes of people who joined hands with him for various works expressed that he was a man full of hopes, vibrant and consistently searching for next new projects.

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The Main Causes Of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a very common bone condition. It is described as the weakening of bones due to a decrease in bone density. Osteoporose is a very serious condition and not to be taken lightly. In severe cases, it may cause life-threatening issues for you. Millions of people are known to suffer from this deadly bone disease. Among the affected group, women are the most susceptible ones.

Osteoporosis can be prevented, if you maintain your bone health, especially when you are growing old. With age, our bones start to lose its density which is quite normal. Well, this is when you need to pay a little more attention to your bones so that you can prevent osteoporosis from happening.

What are the causes of osteoporosis?

tratarmento osteoporoseOsteoporosis is caused due to various factors. You should know that the chances of osteoporosis also increases based on your gender, body size and even ethnicity. Some of the main causes of osteoporosis include the following.

  1. Hormonal imbalances: One of the main causes of osteoporosis is less production of estrogen and testosterone in women and men, respectively. Deficiency of these two hormones is known to cause your bones to grow weaker and thinner with age. The problem of weakening bones increases in women as they hit their menopause.
  2. Lack of calcium and vitamin D: Calcium happens to be the main mineral required for bones. It helps in rebuilding your bones and also keep them healthy. Lower levels of calcium in the body may lead to osteoporosis. Even the lack of vitamin D can lead to the mentioned condition. Vitamin D is the mineral that is required by your body to absorb the calcium.

These are two of the main causes of osteoporosis in people. Luckily, tratarmento osteoporose is available to take control of the situation.

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The IFCJ Program Started By the Rabbi Eckstein Was Making a Difference in the Life of a Large Number of People

A famous journalist named Zev Chafets once stated that Yechiel Eckstein is the modern-day equivalent of Jesus Christ as both had absolute command over their mass of people. The Israeli American Rabbi Eckstein dedicated his entire life to work for the improvement of Jewish people who were the victim of nuclear holocaust to Jews across the diasporas.

The fellowship of IFCJ program:

The fellowship program started by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein was successful in raising as much as 1.6 billion in US currency to help the poor Jews. The IFCJ or International Fellowship for Christian and Jews helped people in rehabilitating people back to Israel from different parts of the world which received severe flak from his critics.

The donators of IFCJ:

Yechiel Eckstein

The money raised by the fellowship program mostly came from generous donations of evangelicals residing in the United States. Before him, no one dared to mix the two groups of people as a wall of mistrust was built between them; the rabbi was successful in pulling down the wall and reunites them. The IFCJ reviews help to prove that all his efforts in uplifting the Jews were working and he was making a difference in their life.

The man later moved to Israel from the States and got his citizenship of the country, but he continued to work for the betterment of the particular group of people. Apart from the fellowship program, he conducted several other campaigns like the one which was started to bring the estranged Jewish people from the Soviet Union back to Israel.

The Books authored by him and the Biography:

He authored several books namely “How Firm a Foundation: A Gift of Jewish Wisdom for Christian and Jews” and “What You Should Know about Jews and Judaism” and many more. Chafets wrote a biography on the famed rabbi named “The Bridge Builder”. He served the people of his race for more than three decades, and during the period his career was smeared by some amount of controversy.

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The Legacy of Gratitude, the ENI and Robert  

Robert Casula has been an inspiration and has always led ENI. In talking about his first success he becomes emotional and thanks his fate. He said that he was at the right place at the right time which had earned him what he is today.

He was a part of a very complex international negotiation and though he was not the first choice, his boss conferred the responsibility in him to carry forward the negotiation. It was one of the most thrilling experiences and had turned to be very successful and beneficial for the company.

His Belief

Roberto Casula eni

He believes in expanding his business beyond borders of the nation. He believes in building relationships rather than maintaining business deals Gratitude is always the thing which can help to keep a person humble, says Robert Casula eni. He does not count his success on how many large business deals he has signed but he thinks that every time he negotiates with a new counterpart or any different area of the world, he is successful.

The Person

A family person, he prioritises being with his family first. Apart from everything else and he being one of the most deserved business tycoon, he accepts success humbly. No one has ever seen him getting angry. He has never shown discontentment also, as said by all the people he has worked with.

Conserving energy and re utilising remains to be one of the most important and crucial areas that he has actually pointed. He has actually remodelled the whole scenario and has given it a different look altogether. The legacy that he is making is surely to be followed by everyone. He is to be studied and his ideas are to be taken as a blueprint. Starting from zero he has reached here and has actually been able to maintain that.

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Brief of Roberto Casula’s Interview on the Future of Oil Industry

Are you are a follower of Roberto casula eni then you must be amazed to read this post. This post is a brief description of an interview that he gave at the Oil and Money conference held in 2013. It was one of the most anticipated annual events that were jointly organized by the Energy Intelligence and International Herald Tribune to talk about the opportunities available in the East and West Africa. Just go through it and enhance your knowledge of it.

The purpose

Roberto casula eniWhen asking about the purpose by the interviewer he said that they are scouting the Far East Market at the same time conversing with the buyers in China, India, and Japan. He continued and said; from the point of view of transportation compared to other situation East Africa is advantageous. At the same time in contrast to Australian projects, the terms are different and most likely less difficult in East African projects.  He included that starting from 2018, 2019 there surely be room for the allocation of volumes of LNG. This is also supposed to be the conclusion of the discussion going on with the buyers and there won’t be any problem.

His view on Nigerian exploration

When asking about the decline in exploration in Nigeria, Roberto casula continued as if talking about West Africa, they should consider the significance of breakthroughs in the pre-sold place. This is the aspect of changing the situation.  From the point of view of mature countries to the countries having a crucial part in the future of oil is all the same. In his view, East Africa has the potential and will surely be rising as a gas hub. At the same time, West Africa will play a crucial role in oil and oil hub. This pint is the conclusion point of the interview. In his interview, he clearly indicated the future of the oil and gas industry.

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Migrating groups need to find rent places

Migration is a real evil for majority of those who undergo this serious type of procedure. For people who do migrate, there is some very serious concern that needs their immediate attention. For the same immediate reason they cross several miles and kilometers, with great hopes and positivity in their heart. The reason pulls them apart from their homeland, for the single fact that the urgent work can be performed only in a place to which migration has been managed. This results into a suction effect into the city, and people run into the North Bergen Apartments for Rent that are doing an appreciable work to provide people with readymade solutions for accommodation.North Bergen Apartments for Rent

Accommodation seems to be a tough issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible for the factors associated with it are quite significant. If there is no place to get accommodate, then there is no peace of mind, as personal belongings and possessions may need some safe place to be kept within. If there is no place to manage personal affairs, then how come in this world a person can try to make sense of some work that has got him in that place so far from the homeland. After considering the concern of so many people, and making effective analysis of the situation of migrating parties, North Bergen Apartments for Rent have been serving people who face similar kind of situations. As they provide space in one of the best rated cities of the States, it is actually reasonable as compared to other service ends to get accommodating places, as they offer discounted rates. What attracts most is their sense of hospitality that removes all sorts of worries from the mind of people who want to migrate. Therefore, North Bergen Apartments for Rent is a service end to take advantage of.

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Enjoy Your Lifestyle Fat Free

Whatever you do, wherever you go; you always vrave for a healthy and fit body physically and mentally. That would help you to fulfill your priorities, like never before. Jennifer Hudson fat is not like other weight loss programs. It would enhance your experience of losing the extra weight, that has become a problem for your lifestyle. So that, you can live and enjoy your life in the best possible manner. Smartness is related to the perfect physical status, that can be achieved easily by following the advised tablets of weight loss. You can regain the lost physical attraction, within the smallest possible time frame.

Jennifer Hudson fatJennifer Hudson fat weight loss program has become popular, due to its effectiveness on one of the most admired celebrity. On whose name, the program has been named. The moment people start feeling that they are putting on extra weight, due to one or another reason. The next step occurs is to search for the most effective and harmless fat loss treatment. That can easily help them to avail the benefit offered by the trusted manufacturers, in the earliest possible manner. Since the medically experienced experts are recommending the must try strategy for the consumers, dedicatedly.

The reason behind the success and reliability of Jennifer Hudson fat loss treatment is the widely effective reach, that has proven to be advantageous for fat people in majority of the cases. You may have read or heard a lot of weight loss claims, by different companies in the industry. However, this time the method is tried and tested by the professionals of the industry. So that, you can achieve the satisfaction and happiness of shedding the extra weight you’ve put on. It would happen without any kind of harm to your body or fitness.

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